Central (Story) Line

Director & Dramaturg
Devised by Fingers Crossed Theatre Company
Camden Fringe Festival, London UK
August 2018


The year is 1940, the last Kindertransport to escape the German forces has arrived in England. Three anxious children await on the platform of Liverpool Street station wondering whether someone will give them a home.

Louise, Henry, and Charles are united by this historical event that changes and shapes their lives. Their friendship endures through political unrests, family turmoil, heartbreaks and ethnic segregation.

England saved their lives but at what cost?

They are reminded everyday that their past will forever haunt their future. Central (story) Line spans 67 years of friendship as they move from Churchill through Thatcher intoBlair and beyond…


Venues: Performed in four different venues across London aspart of the Camden Fringe Festival in 2018 & went on tour in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of the CPH Stage festival in 2019.  

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Review: Central (Story) Line - The Monkey House, London

"Beautifully directed by Daniela Atiencia, there are just three coat stands on stage, full of costume and a line of chairs. Spanning 67 years, the play cleverly transitions from scene to scene through the use of music, news announcements and pop references."

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Review: Central (Story) Line

"The piece was clearly devised by a company that are very in sync, and they definitely benefited from the direction of Daniela Atiencia, as every moment was clear, clean and meaningful."

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Review: Central (Story) Line at the Camden Fringe

"The choice of scenes are made to mirror political events concerning human rights and equality, predominantly in the UK but also further afield and we are offered a snapshot of the hard-fought progression of the nation around many areas of equality; religion, politics, LGBT and gender amongst others and how these issues could conceivably have affected the lives of three people."

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Review: Fingers Crossed Theatre presents Central (Story) Line

‘Central (Story) Line is a powerful work of truly humanist theatre, compassionately told, expertly performed, and gratefully received’ ★★★★★...

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