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This is a photo shoot done with East 15 Acting School students. It was originally performed at the Southend Campus as part the school’s initiative to integrate actors and directors with different specialties together and create some live art. We were divided into groups and told to create a 5 minute piece with the theme ‘Crossing Lines’. We were allowed to represent these two words as we saw fit. My group was particularly special. We played with the notion of what we deemed was ‘crossing the line’ in today’s society when eating. We wanted to have no barriers, no norms and experience what it would feel like to eat with no pre-existing notion of how it’s meant to be done. I owe a huge amount of gratitude to the original 11 actors who devised this piece with me. I have an obsession towards using food on stage and they satisfied all my instincts to the maximum. It created such an impact around campus that I decided to recreate the piece and document it. These photos were possible thanks to the 10 new actors who volunteered to take the place of the original performers and of course to the amazing photographer, Tongchai O. Hansen for documenting it. I am extremely keen on developing similar projects and initiatives like this one in the future (involving food of course!!), so if you like what you see please contact me, I’d love to chat.