I am a international theatre director, deviser & dramaturg.

I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. I identify as a Latinx artist.

My mother is Canadian and my father hails from Ecuadorian, therefore I have 3 nationalities.

In University I trained as an actor for 5 years but towards the end of my studies I developed an intense interest in Directing. My acting tutor noticed my observational habits and suggested I develop them as a Director. Thanks to him, I’ve discovered my life vocation.

I have a passion for working on a multi-disciplinary level and I am constantly seeking to collaborate with diverse artists and underrepresented communities. I am an extremely kinesthetic person, therefore I use a lot of movement in my work. The human body is my favourite tool.

I am currently based in Vancouver, Canada where I am seeking to make lasting connections with the theatre and arts community of this city.

I founded my own  theatre company called Fingers Crossed which is based in London, England. We recently did a successful run of our devised play Central (Story) Line at this year’s Camden Fringe Festival.

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